Interested in train physics?

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In the upcoming Trainz Plus beta release we will be including the new TNI physics plug-in. The plug-in includes all the internal train physics for DCC, diesel and steam as well as braking systems and shared systems such as resistance. It doesn't currently include other systems such as train motion, coupling, collisions or derailments.

In this thread we'd like to find people who are interested in helping us test the new physics to ensure things are working as expected, and also C++ programmers who are interested in creating their own TNI physics plug-ins.

During beta, you'll have access to the TNI Physics SDK, and the source code to our physics implementation to use as a starting point for your own plug-ins. (NDA required for the source code)

Note that our goal here is to ensure the current systems work as expected (rather than making wholesale changes, additions or improvements) and that the necessary elements are in place for custom plug-ins to be created.

Please let us know in this thread your level of interest and any relevant skills.
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Hi Tony,

I am interested in getting involved at some level in this project.
40+ years of programming experence in multiple programming languages (Asslembler, several Basic derivitives, C/C++, COBOL, PL1, SQL, Visual Basic) .
No recent work in C/C++.
I would need a little time to get back up to speed.
Should be fine in a debug eviornment.
I have done a lot of work with various APIs in a variety of applications.

I hope I have responed to your request in the correct format.
I still work full time, but have a few hours a week for this project
Let me know if I can help.


Jim Butler
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