Augsburg & Concord RR Begins Service

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For Immediate Release

President and CEO Carl Walther announced today that the Augsburg and Concord Railroad will return to service after negotiations with Genesee & Wyoming Railroad Services. The railroad was scheduled for abandonment by the G&W.

Investors, who wanted to keep the rail service alive, raised the capital necessary for the purchase, with help from the Illinois Department of Transportation.

The railroad logo is strikingly similar to the defunct Chicago & Illinois Midland. The C&IM was bought out by G&W, who in turn sold it to ACRR Inc.

The ACRR will be serving industries in the Wartburg Industrial Park in Augsburg. It will also serve a number of industries near Wittenburg as well as several in Concord. In Concord, there are several blocks where the tracks run down the middle of Railroad Avenue.

Connections to Class 1 railroads include the Illinois Central from the south, and the Chicago Northwestern from the north.

Amtrak will also be making stops in all three communities with the bi weekly City of New Orleans and the daily The Cardinal.

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Augsburg, Wittenburg, and Concord are all fictional cities located somewhere between Peoria and Springfield, Illinois. The names and numbers tend to be important people and dates within the Lutheran Church tradition.
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