World Origin Help. Altitude Elevation Setting under Environment Location

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Hello, having problems using the Environment - Location Tab, World Origin Coordinates, me too. (applies to TANE and TRS19, probably TMR17 also, have yet to test it)

If you are trying to change just the elevation, be advised. As of this writing, the dialog box in Surveyor is broken. Currently the only way to set the Altitude, aka Elevation, is by editing the config.txt of the route.

To set the altitude of your Route, you will need to set the 'world-origin' script parameter. The tag contains latitude, longitude and altitude. You will also need to enter the latitude and longitude to complete the tag from DD, DMS or DMM formatted coordinates. To make all this easy, I have created an online conversion calculator that creates the 'world-origin' scrip-let in Trainz DMM format. It takes the coordinates, and outputs copy and paste code for your config.txt file.

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