VOVVEN 47 and his posted locos, all have missing dependcies. Recently put on download

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Having trouble with above locos, cannot download one without faults. Any suggestions?
Thanks Grizz.
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  1. vovven47's Avatar
    Hi Grizz!
    All my locos have been approved by N3v DLS meaning no dependency missing.
    I can help you if you give me the missing kuid numbers, so which?

    I know some other people had problem with the STL library, so you can goto this link:


    and check if you can find the missing kuid-numbers in that list.
  2. grizz's Avatar
    Hi VOVVEN 47,
    Thanks for your reply. I have Trainz 19, would this make any difference? All other downloads are working OK.
    Will see if I can find missing quids,
    Thanks Grizz
  3. grizz's Avatar
    Hi again, still cannot download...
    Loco SJ l 818 Dependency KUID: 177292. 2040917 unknown.
    Loco SJ S 1254 Dependency Kuid: 177292:204091 unknown.
  4. vovven47's Avatar
    Good morning!

    Here is the link for missing dependencies:


    Good luck,
  5. grizz's Avatar
    Hi vovven47,
    It worked!! Thanks for your help!
  6. vovven47's Avatar
    You are welcome!