Objectives For Version :6

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  • Convert the grade crossings at Jones to atilacrossing. [But that would require updating every session transiting the xing. [Well, that's not such a big deal -- just update the Basic Session, copy and paste into the others. Not bad while there's only a few sessions.]] And Willow Lawn Rd. And Knowles. And Rolling Meadows. Might as well do Brownsville too.
  • Substitute speedtrees for some of the large billboard trees trackside.
  • Double check the mileage. Iron Ridge depot is 132.5 according to Milwaukee Road Historical Society.
  • Change all Tree Green 02 (payware) to Tree Broadleaf 03. -Cancel, updated as freeware.-
  • Change all Tree Green 03 " to Tree Broadleaf 07.
  • Review signalling at Jones West
  • Review signal at FDL_Intermodal.
  • Replace east whistle posts at South Amboy
  • Adjust alignment of west whistle posts at Military Rd.
  • Put the 10 MPH limit back on Metalcraft spur.
  • Delete extraneous milepost at W Iron Ridge.
  • Replace the weird spruces at trackside - the ones with flaky LODs.

Updated July 10th, 2020 at 03:23 AM by RHKluckhohn

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