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Superbly detailed Fostoria Webcam Now Free!!

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It simply amazing.

Railstream.net has now made their Fostoria real time cams absolutely free!
Just click on the image below and click on the subsequent play symbol.

The cam looks WNW along along the CSX Willard Subdivision across the double diamond with the east-west Norfolk Southern Fostoria Subdivision. About 75 trains per day go past this cam, and in fact, 4 out of 6 of the Class I North American Railroads pass through this cam, specifically equipped with special lensing for distance viewing. The cam is located at the CSX level crossing at South Poplar Street. The Fostoria Rail Park attraction is not within this cam's viewing angle, but may be seen on the free eastward-looking cam.

This CSX line was originally laid by the Baltimore and Ohio RR, and the Norfolk Southern tracks by the Nickel Plate Road (New York, Chicago and St. Louis RR). Several other Free US cams are available at the site, along with subscription cams.

Updated May 15th, 2020 at 06:52 PM by deneban

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  1. SuperFudd's Avatar
    Love it. I get it via Roku.
  2. SuperFudd's Avatar
    I am currently reworking (completing) Fostoria V1.
  3. deneban's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by SuperFudd
    I am currently reworking (completing) Fostoria V1.
    Great, you can use this cam and google maps for operational and scenic info
  4. SuperFudd's Avatar
    I had not heard of Fostoria until I found Railstream a few weeks ago on my Roku.