Some TS2019 curiosities (maybe earlier versions too).

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By way of experiment (never having done it before) I eventually succeeded in merging two of my home-made routes. After adjusting the junction between the two routes, I deleted some superfluous boards from the merged routes and added a few more where I wanted to extend the new route. Part of the extension involved copying a “city” from one of the merged routes onto some of the new boards.
Deleting these boards did not, however, delete all the assets on those boards and I was left with tracks, roads and other assets floating in the ether. In order to delete these assets, I had to add new baseboards under them and delete each asset individually, and then remove those baseboards. It looked as if these “floating” assets were everything for which a height adjustment was made after original placement.
Turning to the copied city I began to make changes so that it differed from the original. I soon found that maki8ng changes to any of the existing trackwork or road layout was impossible: almost none of the editing tools would work on any spline. The exceptions being that non-track and non-road splines could be moved and deleted, and all splines could be broken at attachment points. The loose ends of these broken splines could then be dragged to the edge of a base board where they could then, and only then, deleted.
In many cases road intersections and junctions had become detached from their previously attached roads and could not be reattached because they had either lost their attachment points or the road itself could not be moved (or both).
Having gone through the process with one of the stations I re-laid the track and attached it back to the existing lines: not easy because once laid, a section of track it could not subsequently be readjusted – none of the editing tools would work (except as above) and track would not automatically attach and create a junction (roads and other splines were similarly difficult). Having succeeded in laying some trackwork), I attempted to place signals, speed limits, markers etc., only to find that they simply would not appear.
Oh, and as a last item, I did of course exit Surveyor and save the work, usually under a new name. On reloading the route to continue the edit, the route had grown road splines which looped off and disappeared to God knows where. (I also got these several times after using the copy tool in TANE.) Fortunately, these could be deleted as per normal.
Long story I know, possibly boring too. The net result is that many hours of work have resulted in a completely unworkable station and a city with roads that refused go where they should. The most extraordinary thing about it all is that I enjoyed it - something like banging my head against brick wall.
It was wonderful when I stopped!!
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