Changing ID/Username

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I have looked everywhere in Helper Desk to find how to change your username in the Trainz Simulator New Era. Can someone help me? I have tried everything and nothing... helper page is not too helpful and if I want to send a question query it tells me to log in and I am logged on. Can someone help me? What are your solutions?

And I don't want to create new account... but if it's too hard, I'll might end up doing that.

Thank you.....
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  1. whitepass's Avatar
    You can never change it.
  2. PerRock's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by whitepass
    You can never change it.
    Not entirely true. You have to contact the helpdesk to change it. You can only ever change your username once, and you need a pretty good reason to do so.
  3. 323Eero323's Avatar
    That's what I have read as well. I am trying to find an email address to the developers (help desk) is there a direst link. I am trying to find it... can some copy and paste the email address in the reply so I can click on it? Thank you.