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can any one help,
my version of trainz is 2009, i have loaded the trainz new era but i do not like it as much as trainz 2009. so i have removed it from my comptutor and reloaded 2009.the problem is when i go to the content to download items from the dls the page is blank where as before the whole content on the dls would be shown.
what is the answer.
cheers r l clarke
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    I may not have made my problem clear enough?. I only run trainz 2009 version 2.9,build 37625.
    So when i start at the front page (launcher)i click on cotentent to go to the DLS. go to the top bar click on down load station and in the past it would then show all the 1000s of items in the DLS.i click on the thumb nail and view a picture (where Poss) of the items. As i say that is what used to happen. But after removing it from my PC to load the new trainz tane (which i could not get on with) i removed the trainz tane and reloaded trainz 2009.Now when i complete the above the download station page in content is completely blank (none of the 1000s of items as before) What should i do.
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    I might not have made my reply clear enough:
    The blogs are not intended for support. Next to that hardly anyone reads them.
    Post support questions in the related support forum. In this case I suggest the 2009 support forum.