So, what exactly am I up to these days?

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I'm not really active with the Trainz community here but at the least I should post something once in a while. Currently I am no longer a user of Trainz iOS, or TS12. Currently, I am using T:ANE SP3, and that's it really. Currently I've been sort of off and on working on a trolley/light rail model train layout in T:ANE, which I call the 'Eastern City Street Railway Company'. I started work on it when I happened upon the EMM pre-made model railway tables on the DLS, and thought it would be fun to try to use one to create a city surface-railway. The plan at this moment is to have the main focus be on trolley/LRV operations, and I'm largely keeping the trackage to in-street private right of way, like the Boston trolley routes that survive to this day as the Green Line. I'm also trying to incorporate a trackless trolley route. There will also be some automated elevated and commuter railway trackage, which will provide a little more 'life' to the scenery, but which will not actually play a role in operating the layout. The goal is to evoke the feeling of a typical city on the East Coast of the USA. Although it would be really cool to upload it to the DLS when complete (if I ever finish it, that is) I think it is more likely that I won't, since it's really just a fun 'in my spare time' project, and I don't want to engage in figuring all the logistics of making it fit for DLS uploading. Here's a quick screenshot of the Northern Carhouse on the Eastern City St. Ry. Co, to give you something to look at! Hopefully I'll have more to show in the future, but that's all for the moment! Thanks for stopping by!
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