TRS19 Severn Tunnel Projuct

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I'm going to make a route of the Severn Tunnel. I plan to post this to the Download Station when finished. I just need answers to the following:

1. How many baseboards is 198.8 UK km?

2. Should I use SI3D assets?

3. Should I create reskins to go with it?

Please post your answers in the comments.

-Jedron212, 8/2/2019
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  1. jedron212's Avatar
    For more info, that 198.8 UK km is 123.5M.
  2. oknotsen's Avatar
    The blogs are not intended for support. Next to that hardly anyone reads them. Please post your questions in the related forum. In this case the Surveyor forum sounds fitting.

    Consider this two projects; route and reskins.
  3. jedron212's Avatar
    OK, thanks.
  4. oknotsen's Avatar
    Updated August 4th, 2019 at 04:37 AM by oknotsen
  5. jedron212's Avatar
    Sorry for the major lack of activity, folks. The project is going well, and will hopefully be uploaded soon.