Full Scale Kettle Valley Railway

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I've been working on this full scale route since 2010. It's a very close recreation of the now abandoned Kettle Valley Railway from Hope BC to Midway BC in the late 1940's with some concessions made to include some of the more interesting features of the railway even though they may have not existed in that exact time period. I had a lot of help making the bridges and structures from the late great Ben Dorsey and have finally got back into adding scenery to this 350 mile long route. I though I'd share some pictures of the slow progress lately and maybe keep you all updated to any further progress.

It is cmtm 4 compatible and runs perfectly off of prototype timetables and haulage ratings for the heavy 2.2 ruling grades. Lots of helpers and mountain railroading fun on this one.

Here is the infamous Upper Coquihalla Canyon

Here is the Falls Creek Bridge obviously made by Ben Dorsey

Here's the highest railway bridge in Canada, the trout creek bridge in Summerland. Another Ben Dorsey Creation.

Here's a picture of Myra Canyon. I will need to come back and fix the textures here as my skills have improved considerably in recent years.

Here is the main yard on the KVR, Penticton.

And the last one for today, trout creek canyon just above Faulder.

So far I have maybe 10% of it finished but it is coming along very quickly now once I figure out what textures and objects to use there is just a lot of copy and pasting to get it all put together.

Wait until you see the snowsheds!
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