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Last year I acquired someones life-long collection of model railroad magazines for a mere $10.00. After going through, I found an old 1998 or 1999 issue of Model Railroad Craftsman. Guess what was featured? Trainz. It was showing a guy playing it on an old computer at a display. The caption told how he was playing a virtual version of his planned HO scale dream layout.

The article continued to explain how the new program was more for a funner side of creating your own layout than the technical. Additionally it was considered revolutionary and a very excellent program for the armchair modeler.

Some things never change, but other's do.

My first experience with Trainz was my parents buying me Trainz Driver Edition. The computer we had only had 1.96GB on the HDD and was made in 1999. It ran on Windows 98. I had no idea what I was doing. I went to install the program, and of course, crashed the computer.

Ironically, we got a new computer in 2008 (what we have right now) and it overshot the game. This machine runs Windows Vista. The game is not compatible with anything above Windows XP.

It wasn't until I meet my real-life friend that I had a chance to experience the real thing. TRS2006. I LOVED it. We made these things of randomness. ONE BASEBOARD WONDERS! Oh, what good times! We used to start a new route, and we never knew how to add more baseboards. So we'd cram as much as we could into one baseboard. Eventually, I found it at Office Max, and went to buy it. We didn't have the extra $15.00 for it. So I waited. Almost a year went by until I was able to get my hands on it at our local Target for only $10.00.

I always wanted to start creating content. I've always been the curious child. I could never leave something at "Oh, so it does that, cool." I had to ask "Why? Why does that happen?" Eventually, I found my way around image editors. I got the CCG for TRS2006 and read some of it. Feeling inspired, I tried to make a hornsound. It took 5 tries to get it right. The 5th time ended up with an M5 hornsound... currently on my NS SD9m.

I didn't stop, and I eventually ended up in my position.

Now you know. Food for the curious.

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  1. whitepass's Avatar
    More like 2000 or 2001 as Trainz came out in 2000.