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Some of us has been asking, both to ourselves, and the community about sessions going to which routes, and which routes has sessions. So I decided to put together a list of items that I have personally released on the DLS and N3V's store. This list contains routes that has sessions, sessions made for routes, and payware items. I'll try to keep this list updated as I release more items.
FREEWARE POST: https://forums.auran.com/trainz/show...12#post1741612
Routes (and sessions that goes with):
British Commuter
-Banks Heath

Highland Valley (TS12)
-Highland Valley Passenger

CSX Line
-CSXL Base Session
-CSXL Freedom Session
-CSXL Picking up The Loads From Factories
-CSXL Replacing Empties With Loads

Gum Tree Australia (TS12)
-Biriburra Yard

Grimsby Sub Division
-Amtrak Maple Leaf
-The Spur Train
-Yard Transfer

Queensland (TS12)
-East Coast Sunlander

North American Plains (TS12 Version)
-Alcopulse Railroad
-Blue Sky Steels

Robe River Iron (TS12)
-Robe River Iron

The BNSF Line Complete Route
-Autumn- Grains Pickup
-Autumn- Metra Halloween Train
-Autumn- The Special Train
-Spring- Containers For Chicago
-Spring- New Metra Cars Run
-Spring- Work In Wood Land
-Winter- BNSF Freight Train In Snow Storm
-Winter- Christmas Train
-Winter- Metra Christmas Passenger Service
-Summer- A Stormy Metra Work Day
-Summer- Coal For Power, Empties For Chicago
-Summer- Military train

Trams In Hoxie
-Route 3 (AI Powered)
-Introduction To Route (AI Powered)

Sessions for Marias Pass (HP-Trainz) (TS12 / TANE):
-A Return to Glory Days
-Blackfoot or bust
-Burlington Northern Train 206
-Cold Meat
-Essex Work Train
-I'm a Lumberjack
-Long Distance Runner
-Over the Divide
-Over the Top
-Race for Shelby
-Shelby Grain Assembly
-Shelby Second Trick
-The Long Climb
-Toil and Trouble
-Wood from Kalispell
-CSX - Climbing the Pass
-Cut Bank Grain Car Sorting
-Eastbound Intermodal
-Eastbound Oil
-Grain In The Rain
-Grain Train Through The Night
-Morning Intermodal

Sessions for Mojave Sub Division (TANE will have to purchase the DLC):
-MSD Multiplayer Session
-MSD Session Builder
-MSD The Exchange
-MSD The Last Big Boy Trip
-MSD Here Comes The Santa Fe
-MSD Santa Fe Railfan Special
-MSD Railfan Session

Session for TANE built-in ECML:
-Mallard Runs Again

**More freeware misc items are available on the DLS
PAYWARE POST: https://forums.auran.com/trainz/show...59#post1741559
Routes (and sessions that goes with):
Shortline Railroad
-Task 1:. Delivering Boxcars
-Task 2: Shunting In Woodlawn
-Task 3: Coal For The Power Station
-Task 4: Beetown Exchange
-Task 5: Run To Woodton City

Midwestern Branch
-Grain Collector
-Base Session
-Lumber Mill Duties
-Mill Town Switching
-Night of the Twister
-Transfer Run

Cornish Mainline Session Pack
-A Trip to Falmouth
-Freight Delivery
-St Ives Passenger Run
-Helston Freight Run
-Mainline Passenger Service
-Helston Passenger Run
-Work in St Erth
-Work on the Falmouth Docks Branch
*Included in TRS19

**These can be purchased through N3V's store, App Store, or on Steam

Routes and sessions under build number 4.3 are considered unsupported.

Last updated: 27-JULY-2019

Updated July 27th, 2019 at 10:15 PM by hiawathamr

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  1. normhart's Avatar
    Thanks Hiawathamr! Coincidentally I've just got done importing Marias Pass into TRS19 as well as all of your sessions. While I have not had the time to test them all, the two that I did try seemed fine. The route itself has one broken asset, that yarnish error and all your sessions reference an asset that I only have an earlier version of but that is easily addressed. All in all well done!
    Updated March 16th, 2019 at 02:19 PM by normhart
  2. hiawathamr's Avatar
    No problem! I haven't tried MPRX in TRS19 yet, as I been updating a few other things (and waiting to see if HP releases their TRS19 version of the route as well)

    Glad you are enjoying the sessions, and nothing is broken majorly

  3. johnnydeluxe2g's Avatar
    Hi and thanks Hiawathamr, I have downloaded the whole The BNSF Line Complete Route sessions, but several of these is reporting some kind of version error, but my question to you is more about the Summer- Military session. That session comes to a stall and will not progress in its game beyond the first movement, and then it keeps waiting forever. I can't figure out how to get the game/session to move on to the next step....any ideas? It seems that the military trains don't get a green signal....but what controls it? Thanks for any help and keep up the nice work.