Class 66 Rework PT 2

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As things got moving in the project, posting updates wasn't a priority. In addition to that, I was going back and forth between versions to make sure that both meshes were equal. An item that was added to the ECR version could then be copied and pasted to the HGK version where appropriate. If it couldn't be copied and pasted, notes were taken for the process to get there and performed on the other mesh. For example, I started noticing some sort of vent behind the cab side windows on the fireman's side at each end. So, a part was made to knife project into the proper position and then extruded into the body 3cm. This was repeated on both versions using the notes.

Anyway, I could keep adding things until it was next year. Unfortunately, this project wasn't started to make a shelf model. I want to run em'! So, this is as far as the detailing will go for now. The beauty of making your own models is that it's up to you as to how detailed (or not) a model will become. If your tastes change, well, so can the model at a later date.

The finished model (for now).

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