Class 66 Rework

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A while back I was looking for a Class 66 locomotive and downloaded Rumour3's excellent UK version dressed in the early HGK scheme. These were the UK spec delivered to HGK for testing. I had decided to make my own HGK spec model and then started work on it. While building the HGK later version, I was using a drawing that depicted the ECR type, but didn't realize it at the time. Wish I had researched a little to understand the differences better, as I had gone back and took out all of the features that would have made up that version, but didn't save it. Pretty much just figured it was a UK version I wouldn't use anyway. After researching other HGK versions and building a newer model, I wanted a version of the European Cargo Rail version as well.

HGK updated model:
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During the time I'd been working on the HGK model, I've developed better skills in terms of uv mapping and using an existing model, instead of completely remapping from scratch. I also started using larger textures as opposed to several smaller textures to save on draw calls. So, it's time to start work on the ECR version.

UV grid prep:
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Three of the major differences are a different radiator section, the addition of a door behind the radiator section, and differently configured side windows. The ECR units also have cab air conditioners above each end. It will be interesting to see how this all comes together, indeed.

Reworked door and lower radiator sections so far:
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BTW, my original model has slats in these side openings, but with photos of the ECR version, it looks as though corrugated grills are in order. Maybe for both versions. ugh.

Progress on the radiator end showing modified windows, corrugated grills, and AC units:
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  1. matruck's Avatar
    Nice work mate looking forward too seeing how this one turns out.