Pixels and Polys - AC4400CW 2

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Continued from part 1:

I decided to do the first model as CSX. CSX just isn't CSX without the AC44, so
it had to be first. That meant I had to create yet another truck... er bogey;
the radial. again - I didn't keep progress shots of it, not important enough I

1 June 2017

Now that's better.

15 June 2017

It was at this point I stopped working on this project. Many other jobs took precedence over this as happens many times. The reasons are not always the same, sometimes it is because of lack of information, sometimes it's just easier to create something else to keep things moving in the meantime. JR is a business after all, and sometimes other projects that bring quicker returns are put at the forefront. The AC4400 sat idle from around June 2017 until March 2018. It was at this time I decided it had to be moved forward. Stay tuned.
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  1. Firefighterdan's Avatar
    Looking good Justin!
  2. Bluewater's Avatar
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    Updated March 26th, 2018 at 06:42 AM by Bluewater (something loaded for me)
  3. Gameoholic1994's Avatar
    Hello Justin/norfolksouthern37. I tried sending you a PM, but it kept saying your inbox was full. I was trying to see if I can ask for your permission to reskin a model of your's from the DLS and to share the reskin.