The Railroads in the Mountains of North Carolina and other Eastern USA States.

Update on what has happened to The Southern Shortline and other plans.

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A While back, my Laptop that the Southern Shortline route was on, Its fans died, I lost the route and all the work i did. But i got a laptop from the same company (MSI- Mircostar International-I Think) that has a better graphics card and more video Memory. I Have been trying to find content but at the time i am writing this i can't b/c of MyTrainz giving my a load of Horse Crap over downloading assets to get downloaded locomotives to work. I will say that i do not have a First Class Ticket (FCT) so it bogs down my plans. But i have Trainz-Forge steam locomotives (Both old and New Sites) that need assets to get working. the ones i tried to get was a Kilo Byte download and i Know one on a Different Locomotive was a Mega Byte download. This happens sometimes with MyTrainz giving me crap over downloading something to get a particular asset working. I Dislike that about Trainz: A New Era,
but it still is fun, Though not as it used too be. On to the Plans for the Future, I Plan on building a Route or Two but still need to practice Terrain and Track Layouts, Signaling and other things before i decide on making a route for release but that will be a while. The Southern Shortline I Might try and re-do the entire thing as a whole later on but it won't be close to the original. So Imma end this here. I Hope y'all have a good day.
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