TRS 2009 patch problems

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I have a new laptop computer with windows 10 so I thought I would install TRS 2009 on it. I had no problems with the install but when I tried to install the patch I got an error message that I need to install DirectX 9 and therefore the patch was aborted . I have Direct X 11 installed on my computer....so what do I need to do to install the patch for TRS 2009 on my windows 10 system? Anyone have any ideas?? or am I just out of luck with the TRS 2009 installing on my computer.


  1. LMSfan's Avatar
    I have had the same problem , I have 'Just trains' version of TS 2009 . If this sounds familiar let me know . My problems with patching started after installing Service pack 4 . The first 3 went in perfectly and did give stability . I however am running Windows 7 (32 Bit ) Ultimate Edition , Direct X 11 is installed with my Graphics Card . TS 2009 should run on Windows 10 , it does run well on Windows 8 but not smoothly on Vista ( very little works with Vista ) .
    However for me , TS 2009 is removed from my system and the future of the Disk is unclear . TS 12 and TANE should work with Windows 10 . I know there are a few that would say you need Direct X 9.0 or run time .
    Direct X drivers are there for multimedia , video playback and audio playback . Direct X 9.0 is a free download from Microsoft it will and does work well Direct X . 11

    The reason why TS 2009 is no longer installed is due to after installing SP 4 TS2009 decided to freeze , then crash yes 'The Blue Screen of Death ' I personally would bye pass TS 2009 and get a copy of TS 12 or TANE .
    That however is me