The Railroads in the Mountains of North Carolina and other Eastern USA States.

Southern Shortline & A Few others and Later ideas to come.

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Hello Trainz World, I haven't made a post in a long time now so I decided to make a post about 2 Routes I am working on. The Southern Short Line to Redd Creek and The Sunny Hills Railroad. I have been working on the Southern Shortline to Redd Creek for a little bit and have had a Consist and a Tender become invisible and not able to be removed from the route. However, I will keep working on it. I don't release a route and I have never completed one either but as I have been thinking about the Southern Shortline to Redd Creek, or the Southern Shortline, for a while and can't work on the other route, The Sunny Hills Railroad, as I have worked hard on the Southern Shortline and have already got textures in an area to have the Tree Splines either Removed for farmland or to have Speed Trees in their place so the time of year I am writing this, Real Late Fall and Early Winter here in the South Eastern United States. The Spline I have used is a tree I am unsure that grows in the region I live in but I have Issues with Speed Trees causing a bit of lag, Even though I got a New Laptop with a GTX 1060 with 3gs of Video Memory and a 60Hz screen, they can lessen my Frame Rate, so I have used the Speed Tree Assets that are Built in small Areas. There will be Screenshots of the Progress I have made if anyone is interested to see what I got.
There are also K&L Trainz & Jointed Rail Payware assets, Only Locomotives and Rolling Stock as well as two JR Buildings in a Payware set, and a good bit of DLS addons as well. About the Cornelia to Franklin Route I have talked about in a few posts in the past, If I can find more information on the Railroad and more pictures of the line in its heyday I might continue to build upon it but the route I was using I didn't make, I used someone else's map,
only terrain a track and signs marking towns and stops, but nothing else, no yard or things like that. I Haven't thought of the Cornelia to Franklin plans I a long time, they person who made the Base of it I had hoped to work with to make a finished product but they weren't able to, Which I understand as a Whole, because they were working on a different route. The needed Buildings and other things I wouldn't be able to produce and there is Nothing for the Route besides the base of the line. I would have to make the things needed myself or have to commission someone or a group, I had tried to in the past but failed, also other things prevent me from doing the route, So the
Southern Shortline to Redd Creek is my current project, I also have to go to school from 7:35 A.M. US EST to 2:45 P.M. US EST Monday through Friday. I will keep you up to date on the Southern Shortline to Redd Creek in later posts. Cya.

-steamdog1234 or trains124/1

5/12/17 or 12/5/17: I have redone an area near the town of "Jaster" mainly roads being worked on also added the Older Type Storefronts built into T:ANE and benches and streetlights. The roads I am using are the ASSHTO Roads. Picture one of one:
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ID:	1421 Here is Jasters main street so far, More detailed images to come.

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