1435mm Olegkhim animated switches and track

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My old friend Bobcass asked me to baptise him in the world of animated switches n track from Olegkhim.
Before posting any picts and detailed olegkhim for dummies I think the straight forward textual explanation should do the job too for most trainzers willing to spend more than 10 minutes on these fine pieces of track.
I use them all over my routes in Canadian Rocky Mountains 2011 2012 thread despide the fact that sometimes N3v drives me crazy not fixing the old spline problem which seem to affect (after check QDR or EDR) from time to time and disconnects spontaneous tracks from the fixed switch objects and their internal splines.
  1. dl only the 1435mm track and objects from Olegkhim on the DLS
  2. lay a straight track and insert a given switch object 1435 mm somewhere near your track.
  3. pickup the object rotate it a little bit in such a way that the part of the switch you want to connect to the track is close to the angle of the layed track end.
  4. Now move the object switch to the track and see it connects and orientates towards the spline track. This was the hard way the other way around is more easy and straight forward
  5. position your switches if you know exactly where to put them.
  6. select a track 1435mm and lay them like you do with a roadspline from a road junction similar and easy.
  7. click at the given spline point on the switch (3 choices) and draw to where you want to lay track or connect o another spline point on a switch.
  8. Now the "tricky" part is making the switch work as it is still empty inside: you need to connect the builtin blue splines to make it work.
  9. start on the side where you see a green marker/haircross and select an invisible 1435 spline and draw a short piece from the blue spline towards the green marker.
  10. The circle over the maker shows when you are on the spot and can release the spline and the first piece is done.
  11. Now connect from the marker another blue 1435mm invisble spline from the marker(blue spline you just created)and connect to the the one straight ahead on the other side of the switch (fixed blue spline)
  12. Last but not least draw one to the diverging fixed blue spline from the marker and see the switch lever shows up and connect it.
  13. this should be all except for if hilly or uneven terrain always check that your spline point on the green marker has the same height as the first spline point on the switch fixed straight spline otherwise your train will have a bumpy ride
that be all for now I guess play with it as it is straight forward even if you have never done it before and don't be scared to maker mistakes as you learn more from them than do things right not knowing why!!

Bob let me know when done and don't make me do the switch for dummies thing lol




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