So I Was About to Make a Comment....

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...when I had to think if it would get me in trouble.

So rather than make the comment on the offending post.....Ill just post it here....

This is a picture gallery I started for real pics of anything related to the railroad. With a quote or story behind it that is uplifting or thoughtful in someway that reminds us of simpler times. (please don't post drama, troll or start problems)
I'll be posting a new pic every so often with some sort of short story about it of though about how this pic*. Your welcome to do the same, please post where it was taken and who took it at the bottom one picture post please.
*Run on sentence please revise.

Please remember that most web browsers have a built in spell check. And that homophones, two or more words having the same pronunciation but different meanings or spelling, are a thing.
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