What are some Steamers made for Trainz that look great with the CIWL cars by Vendel?

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Hi all,

Today, I've searching around a good variety of 3rd-party websites and the DLS for some excellent steam locomotives dating from post-WWI/pre-WWII-era Europe that go great with Vendel's top-notch CIWL Orient Express carriages by FMA and Painted Grace. Anyone have any ideas on what locomotives pulled the 1930's Orient Express? I understand that the train passed through many countries, which means that motive power native to them pulled the express, however if somebody could provide a few examples of steam locomotives from France, Germany, and maybe Austria available for Trainz that were known/proven to pull the Orient Express when it passed through the those countries.

I'm using TS12.

Feel free to post if you have any suggestions.
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    I may Suggest looking at some French steamers like a Pacific types.