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Lemme ask one thing.

I have missing dep Kuid2:60238:38191:1. TKI has nothing as written.

When I search by cutting off the :1 It shows as "mohaka viduct bridge <Kuid:60238:38191> on the DLS. This did not seem to be part of the added deps links you provided on your sig/site. Did I overlook something?
It should show up as only a section of track on the route. If so, there is a work around by Swordfish as follows:

"Copy the version of the viaduct, you have installed in T:ANE, to a safe place.
Delete the version of the viaduct, you have installed in T:ANE.
Download the version ( <kuid:60238:38191) from the homepage of Vulcan and install it in T:ANE
Open the viaduct for editing.
Open the editing-folder and copy the folder with the viaduct to the desktop.
Delete the opened viaduct in T:ANE
Replace in the config.txt of the folder on the desktop the kuid:60238:38191 by the kuid2:60238:38191:1
Import the viaduct from the desktop to T:ANE.

This will show the completed viaduct in Tane.

I'm hoping that this error will be corrected in the near future.


I just tried the above with Dependency <kuid2:60238:38191:1> without ang success
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