What I Learned in Trainz Today... (5/22/17)

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So I'm a little late in the game here. I've had digholes, walls, and the JS Texture Splines floating around in my Trainz menus for months, if not years, but I didn't ever expect to actually *use* them. So...

What I learned in Trainz today is how to create some pretty neat retainers (or concrete cliffs, whatever you choose to call them) and that I can place objects on top of them to create pretty nifty scenes.

You start with flat land, like a new baseboard, and create a plateau, making sure the edges stay straight.

Now use the dighole to carve out the flat side. Use a 1x1 hole for a 10m grid, or a 1x0.5 hole for a 5m grid.

Now your wall. Build it right along the digholes, as close as you can. You may need to "fix" the spline points to 0m height for this to work properly.

Now use the texture spline, road, whatever to patch up the holes. Again, you may need to fix the spline height, but this time, set it to the height of the higher ground. In this case, I used 7m. Decorate as necessary.

Now the finished result...

Thanks for reading WILITT.

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