An update on the Medicine Hat route...for those who are interested in such things.

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Howdy folks, been since August that I wrote the blog, I have been busy working on the MH route and am now about 70% finished. I am currently putting in all the towns and such but I am too picky on such things, I want them to look exactly like the real thing which is impossible and slows me down to no end, in fact I will spend an hour searching content on and off line for a building that looks exactly right, just nuts. And then yesterday I was checking out some grades and noticed that they were no long nicely slopped but now more like a ski hill with ups and downs...GRRRR. So I have spent yesterday and today trying to get them evened out which for the most part I have managed to do except for a wye which is being a pain. With a wye if I grade the one leg the other goes out of wack, very troubling, and on top of that my wyes look poorly to me, with the legs not being the same. I am sure in real life they are not identical too, but with me being picky I want them to be. Here are some pictures of the progress, the first two are of the MH yard (13 tracks) and the city of MH behind on the cliff:

Attachment 1316

Attachment 1317

This is a shot of the Richardson Pioneer grain and feed in Dunmore, which is about 20 miles south of the MH yard:

Attachment 1318

And this of Plainsman Clay which is about 20 miles east of MH:

Attachment 1319

The SD40s are my skin of the CP script, once I number them I will be uploading them, they are pretty cool looking.

And finally there is Deerview Meats which is about 40 miles from MH and is near the east end of the route, about two miles further is a portal but I will be eventually putting in a loop track for players

Attachment 1320

It is funny, since I purchased TS12 and TANE I have played the game maybe 5 times, all the rest of the time I have been building routes. First was the Polar Bear Express route but it would not port over to TANE without a ton of working having to be done, which is too bad because it was 250km long and was 90% finished. And now I have just been doing the MH route and I am already planning on a 1920 logging route based in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island after that.

Well that is about it, thanks for reading and sparing me your time.


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Building the Medicine Hat route


  1. Railroader1970's Avatar
    So I take it that your route is TS12 compatible? Or is it for T:ANE only? Looking forward to seeing it. - RR70
  2. Chris750's Avatar
    Hopefully it will be, everything is DLC, no payware. I am 99% done now, just tweaking really.
  3. Railroader1970's Avatar
    I'm working on a fictional route that takes place in foothills and mountain territory. I used the Coxton Railyards which is a layout that was done by Black Diamond which I downloaded from DLS. He gave me permission to do what I want with it. So I replaced the tracks with HP (New Ballast) and several JR track assets. I made some other adjustments as well. But it'll be a "bare bones" route which means that any assets, such as buildings and things will be left out in order for users to add what they want to it. Am using JR crossings and Searchlight signals as well as JMR and Vader signals. But users can change what they want on that route. It will be mainly a template. It'll be a while before I release it, depending on how often I used it. I'll be releasing some locos on the DLS that were designed by Dave Snow. They were undec units that I just painted myself.
    Updated May 2nd, 2018 at 07:25 PM by Railroader1970
  4. Chris750's Avatar
    I am not sure if guys will want a bare route, but you never know. I built my route using transderm which helps a lot but also creates headaches too. I noticed all my pictures are gone so I uploaded some new ones: https://forums.auran.com/trainz/entr...lmost-finished
  5. Railroader1970's Avatar
    Yea I see what you mean. I'll think about it. Looking forward to your route. How many miles is it?
  6. Chris750's Avatar
    If I remember correctly it is around 50 miles west to east and then there are spurs that go for a few miles north and south. I would like to add sessions to the route, but I am not sure how to do that, I am not a fan of just bare routes with only 1 train running on them so I have portals in 3 areas on my route emitting trains. Easily at the 2 year mark of working on it, but the last time I worked on it was 15 April, I keep getting side tracked with other games.
  7. Railroader1970's Avatar
    I hear yu. Yea I plan on putting some portals on my routes as well. I guess what I meant by saying that I might make a bare route is that it would contain the tracks, signals, portals, trees, tunnels, vegetation and portals. If some asset owners allow me to use their assets, I'll put them on the route. That aside, more or less it would a template for surveyors to add to it and make adjustments (buildings, industries etc). There are railyards on DLS that appear as templates to either add to, subtract from as far as route builders go. Either that or I'll just do it full but for my own use. If that's the case, I'll put it on my YT channel via vid footage once it's set up. Your route is 50 miles? Right on. What kinds of signals are you using, vaders & searchlights from JR? Are you using just one of the two? Even if it was 100 miles, it would be cool as well. Keep at it. Drop me a PM once it's done.
    Updated May 3rd, 2018 at 06:45 PM by Railroader1970
  8. Chris750's Avatar
    Disaster, deleting a program from my laptop and it deleted EVERYTHING on my D drive! Lost my route and the most recent back up which I was too lazy to move to a new drive. My MH route is gone after two years.
  9. Railroader1970's Avatar
    WHAT??!!! Sigh..... GEEZE....... That's GOTTA HURT... Sorry to hear that man.. I can relate when losing something on a computer I worked tireless hours on.. You have my sympathies.. - RR70