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As those of you follow my posts closely, i had my confidence sent back 19.99 metres, I would say 19.75m, but Southern no longer operate Mk1 rolling stock. Obviously, thats if you get the joke. Because I applied to Southern and got rejected for a platform assistant role, (now add a guards role which I failed at application and a train carers role which I suceeded but that got handed out to a contractor... further knocking my confidence)

Now, looking to the future, theres a few goals I have and one idea that came to me, is what I have done at university, start a group and make a product. I am sure I can do it, but I need likeminded individuals: http://forums.auran.com/trainz/showt...632#post971632 (read this). Of course, I am not being clear and many will go "what can I offer?" or "what is in it for me?", thats to be discussed and I am just floating the idea, if there is no support, fine, I'll drop the idea, if there is, I'll try it and hopefully you will to. Well, I should of said, no under 16s because of legal reasons.

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    I should update this bit, because it does become a bit strange.

    Wednesday 18th April: Told I had failed another application, so I challenged it and passed.
    Monday 23rd April: Got called up for a telephone interview, which I ironically passed - so it looks like I maybe working for Southern, although for only 6 weeks.
    Good news, I've been invited for an assessment and a medical, so watch this space.