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The Norfolk Southern CNO&TP Division...BLOGGED!

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Blogs! What a wonderful feature. I can also finally make updates on my personal route thanks the the new feature allowing me to upload images from my computer. The old way via Photobucket was such a pain in the backside.

Anyhow, there's an old thread in screenshots somewhere on here where I attempted to post updates, the photo process was tiring.
Alas, I have decided to post a blog about this route I'm working on.

As of 2/3/12:
I have now completed basic track work from Lancing, TN south to Graysville, TN. I also have a small section of the K&O District done, Harriman Branch, part of the Franklin Industrial Minerals Railroad and the TVA branch in Emory Gap.
There are a few scenes that are fully detailed.
One of which is the north end of Dayton, TN as viewed in the below screenshot...
Spring City 59.jpg
You're viewing Walnut Grove RD crossing as NS 124 (Chattanooga, TN - Decatur, ILL) crosses over it.
Trackspeed is 55mph for this manifest.

If you're interested in the real route, check out this great compilation of the CNO&TP action shot by one of my good railfanning friends.

Of course, now that such an easy feature such as blogs has arrived, you can expect a steady stream of updates.



  1. illinoiscentral's Avatar
    So while the forum was down...(which I find it funny it took less than 24 hours for the new forum to need to be down)...I managed to kick it in gear and complete track work from Dayton to...(drum roll please)...Chattanooga!
    This is perhaps the biggest accomplishment I have ever made in Trainz, I usually can't get half a mile of track done, let alone 50+ miles.
    The biggest challenge at Chattanooga was Ten Bridge, thankfully, 'vulcan' was so kind as to make a model of it for Trainz...sadly, he missed a track. Ten Bridge is a double track raising bridge, so I had to kitbash two of his models together to make the correct double track bridge. Much to my disappointment, this meant only one side of the bridge would lower for on-coming trains. Of course the real bridge both the tracks raise at once. Oh well, nothing can be perfect. Another challenge was Chickamauga Dam, directly behind Ten Bridge, building a dam in Trainz is extremely difficult and frustrating.
    So now we're at the point where I'm doing scenery work around Ten Bridge and extending the industrial branch south of the bridge. The connection to the Knoxville West District on the south end of Ten Bridge is also in and signalled.

  2. illinoiscentral's Avatar
    So here's an updated...
    Some of the scenery work at Ten Bridge was completed last night. As for the branch extension...I got about 500 feet before I got bored. :P
    In any case, sometime tonight I will get back to completing that industrial park, the scenery around Ten Bridge and starting on the community college complex on the other side of the river. Of course, even for someone not interested in football, we must drop everything for the Superbowl today. Even missed church, so yes, its important around here. So hopefully after the massive amounts of soda, cheese and greasy summer sausage have been consumed, I will be able to get back to what I was doing.

  3. vulcan's Avatar
    Hi Woody,

    I did make both single track and dual track versions of the Tenbridge, the dual track one is kuid2:60238:38133:1 on the Download Station. They are for TRS2004 but show in TS12.

    Updated February 19th, 2012 at 07:00 PM by vulcan