FDL12 Fond Du Lac Updates 1 Jan 2017

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The "final" update of the Fond Du Lac route has been uploaded and should be available on the DLS within the next day or two. Version :5 eliminates the "missing dependency" problems and incorporates the ATLS level crossing system with upgrades of many existing crossings. The SOO crossings from West Yard to Warehouse Specialists have been ATLS'd.

I wound up inserting derails at the west end of both Knowles and Brownsville side tracks, to turn off the new crossings when cars are left on the sidings. The derails are automated with Junction Links to the west turnout at each station. Gfisher's pretty little "Derail WCH Portable" <kuid2:106916:10178:1> was used. BNSF50's lovely crossing signals, gates and plates will be seen many places.
For notes on the implementation of the ATLS, see my previous blog entry. I think the current trigger placement will work as desired. If you see issues, let me know.

Touched-up visuals include some better-looking roadways, while many road intersections have been replaced or reconstructed for better appearance and traffic control. Comments on those are also in the blog. The village of Iron Ridge has been filled in.

All FDL12 operating sessions have now been updated and are on the DLS. The Basic Session was uploaded today.

You'll have noticed I qualified "final." The semi stopped at the Mercury Marine crossing is bugging me and thoughts of putting in a moving one drift by... and the route is soooo '70s. FDL really needs a container terminal, with all that light industry, but we might have to extend the route to North FDL to get enough level space. The city would not like having one downtown, I don't think, and the county really wants the real estate there for a new Justice Center... Would Salisbury Cathedral fit the space the Episcopal cathedral's in?

Safety First! Happy 2017!