GP15-1's From Dave Snow

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Anyone Else having this problem? Tried to run these last night and the cab view was nothing but a white screen.
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Yes I'm having the same problem, but I am running them in 10, I thought this might be the problem.
A great model though, thanks Dave.

I have no earthly idea what's going on with the whiteness. I run them in T:ANE and they look fine to me.

I'm having the same/similar problems in both TS-2010 & TS-12. I've seen the white screen once or twice in 2010. Otherwise in 2010 I see only the tracks in from of the loco or occasionally I'm staring at the neck of a driver wearing a European style cap with his hand on (I assume) the throttle lever and the gauges are very blurred. Also, there are on cab views (using the [ or ] or arrow keys). You never know what you are going to get. In TS-12 I see only the tracks in from of the train. Wish we could swap out another Interior kuid but that is not working either.
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