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Been a while since I wrote in the blog, have been busy with other things and also playing War in the East instead of choo-choos. Well the track is finally as it should be, for now, but I am sure I will find an error or two down the road. Creating wyes are a bit of a problem, it is hard to get both curves equal and smooth, mine are close but not perfect.

But now I am to the point of adding industries, particularly Brier Park which is a mass of small and medium industry, and a couple of large. Here is a picture of Can Carbon, a company that makes carbon black, I had to look up to see what it was. No industry in TANE for carbon black so just going with carbon I guess. The factory is a mash of different buildings as nothing really looked like the actual.


And this is my poor representation at this point:


And the rest of Brier Park at this point, there is more up north. I can imagine how much trouble it will be to get the AI to drive the route correctly. Most likely trains will back all the way to Redcliffe to drive up to Brier Park.


My biggest fault is trying to make everything look exactly as it is in real life, which is impossible and I am slowly getting myself not too. The wye in this picture is an example, the top part of the wye should not be there, the consist should travel past the industry and back into the spur but I have a feeling this will be a nightmare with the AI so I added the wye. I may still get rid of it, not sure, perhaps someone who has tried AI push/pull routines can comment.

Won't be long before the grass starts to grow!!

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