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Well things got put on hold for several days while I fought with TANE and the random crashes happening just minutes after loading surveyor. Finally got that figured out and have been able to continue on with fixing the track issues in Medicine Hat (Alberta). I spent a couple of days trying to fix the yards as TRANSDERM laid them out but finally I just gave up on it and nuked the yard and started over with my own custom ladders. Things are much nicer looking now. In the first picture you can see the tracks all have curves and seem to have no reason to them:


Using the tool GUIDE 4M SPACING and also GUIDE STRAIGHT 1 Mile I was able to make the yard look much nicer. I also used track with no ballast to be able to see the guide under it, that helped a lot.


I noticed I am missing two tracks on the east side, will have to stick those in. In this photo you can see the 4m spacers. Once I got this done I headed south to the transfer yard located beside the Richardson Pioneer grain elevator. This yard was in even worse shape, once again it is easier to delete the Transderm work and do it myself. First I used the 1 mile guide to get the ladder angle the same, then used it to lay the first track 5m from the main line, from there I just use the guide 4m spacer to get the tracks to be parallel:


And the work in progress:

You can see the 1 mile guide I put into place for this picture, and also the ladders which are still free standing, will connect them to the main lines after all the rungs are finished. Really, once this is finished it will be time to start putting in buildings and terrain and track markers; things are rolling along.

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Building the Medicine Hat route