The Clinchfield 311's Railway Safety Show!

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I've decided to start producing a show for Public Television, to be filmed directly from Trainz.

It is to focus on railway safety, starring a certain Clinchfield 311 (better known to her fans as the Demon 311).

The premise is this: She realized she was being used by Satan for his own selfish needs and, together with her costar, a certain Baltimore and Ohio "Big Six", road number 6666, decided to rebel.

This lead to both engines getting kicked out of Hell, forever doomed to roam the realm of the living.

However, the hostler at the big roundhouse in the sky (railroad heaven) took pity on the poor, exiled engines, and offered them a chance to make up for their evil deeds.

Safety would be the key, and it would be a hard task for them to promote it... especially since they were the cause of so many accidents themselves!

Thus, the reason for the show.

I've already started on the storyboard phase. All I need is a cast of characters, voice actors, and some content to play through the story with.

I'm picking up as many railway ghost stories as I can, collecting an all-star cast of characters, for an all-star show.

And while I'm not gunning for Thomas the Tank Engine's spot on the tracks of fame, I am hoping to get a similar reach, to promote railway safety on a global scale.

Furthermore, any and all proceeds I get from this show will go directly towards Operation Lifesaver, and similar programs around the world.

As I mentioned, this is to be a TV show. But it's also going on YouTube, Netflix. Amazon, Hulu, and all streaming sites, paid or free.

All I ask is that the proceeds go directly to railway safety programs.

To that end, I hope that I'll have the backing of both N3V and Auran, all my fellow Trainz users and content creators, and of course, the Trainz development team.

And though many of you may not believe me, Ole 311 contacted me directly in a dream, to try and get my help to produce this show.

So I beg of you, help me to help her, and help me to promote railway safety worldwide.

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  1. Saphira123456's Avatar
    Today, I'd like to add a plea to the Trainz staff and the people at N3V, asking them for permission to use their software in this show.

    I'd also like to ask the owners of the Clinchfield 311's mesh to send it to me at the posted address I have put in my profile.

    Thank you kindly,

    Kerry Freeman.