The Railroads in the Mountains of North Carolina and other Eastern USA States.

Cornelia to Franklin In Trainz: A New Era. Total Rebuild Bringing NEW Looks & Realism

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Hello, steamdog1234 here Bringing an Update to my Last post,

I have gotten Trainz A New Era for Christmas 2015 and have got most of my Lag issue Resolved
Allowing me to Work on the route "Cornelia to Franklin". The goal is the same though and won't change that much.

Work Load(s):
-Get the ballast texture under the tracks
-Work on Bridges.
-add Stations/Depots.
-Add small Roads. It is in the Mountains so like two lane roads or so.
-Change Region to "United States The Glory Years 1950's" Since the 1950's was the VERY LAST Decade the Tallulah Falls Railroad was alive. "Cornelia to Franklin" is the Route of the Tallulah Falls Railroad to clear that up. Cornelia Georgia to Franklin North Carolina.
-Yard(s), Water ways (Rivers, Lakes, etc...), The Falls [Tallulah Falls].
-The 5 Dams with spur lines. (From the 1920's) A.K.A the Main reason the TFRR died.
-The Southern Railway (Now incorporated into Norfolk Southern) 2 Track at Cornelia.
-The coal Loader in Cornelia along with the Cornelia Yard.
-The Concrete And Steel Bridge(s): 1. over Tallulah lake, And 2. on the Rabun Gap Wye (I didn't even know about this one)
-Adding Tree & Grass Splines along with Telegraph/Telephone Line Splines, Mainly a two line Telegraph Wire.
-Working on the Locomotive Fleet & the fleet of Rolling stock
-Some Industries Like the Iron Works in Demorest.
-The Wood Retaining Walls & Cattle Guards.
And after all the Route Building, I can work on some Documents that make up the Way bills (Yes I am well aware of the Waybill already in game But this is for Fun), Timetables, A Research Paper or two, Maps of the TFRR (Tracks, Trackside Buildings/Objects etc...) And other Various Things Including Sources of Information, Etc....

Oh and IF there is away to take a Screenshot in Surveyor in T:ANE and in Driver as well PLEASE Tell me so i can show you progress and Updates on this Project.

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  1. steamdog1234's Avatar
    Thanks, I had to update versions to do so sadly.
    I have got some now i think on the gallery for Trainz, I will check and if there are I will Upload them here.