Alco Project update

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Its been a fun month here at The Erecting Hall.... and by fun I mean a punch to the face..

Anyways, the Alco Project is still moving along, there have been some delays due to real life...Family comes first, period.

The RS-18u is coming along, the PRR/PC Alco C424/425s are just about complete, next are the Reading and Erie / Erie Lackawanna units.... In planning are some NdeM units, CP and CN..

C430s and 420s are up next.... Work has started on the 3 axle trucks for the 628s and 630s...... research into the hi ad trucks for the 636s as started.....

I recently purchased Marias Pass X...... My BN F units look great on it, might have to produce a few more variations to run on it.... So will the BN / SPS units coming out....... Hmmm... perhaps a few Vintage scenarios for Marias Pass... what do you all think?

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