TAN:E driving impressions

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I just opened up TANE in Sessions mode for the first time to take a test drive. I chose Avery-Drexel as I have the deluxe version.

I noticed this mesh-like fly-screen structure where shadows should be under native TANE objects as vehicles built-in too! In fact there is a lot of fly screen image effect (black dots in a grid-like pattern) there on various objects like grass and trees.

The animation of the train itself is quite smooth with little noticeable strobe-light effect as as the train moves in line-side view. At least the trains now are rolling along the tracks much smoother than older Jet engine versions. The camera does seem to bob around a bit on its own inside the loco cab as the train moves which I think is part of the PhysX package. I am getting occasional frame-rate jitter (momentary pauses in action) probably because JCitron was right, my card is not up to snuff for the more powerful TANES. Train cars seem to appear out of thin air when the camera is about 1/4 scale miles from the train as it is coming.
In TS12, sometimes parts of the train would be missing in certain camera views as well like train vehicles and bogies of locos.

The yellow/black Little Joe Milwaukee Road electric locomotives have the red road name badge on the side of the cab that disappears when the train gets a relatively-small distance away from the outside cameras. This line is largely electrified with some non-electrified sections as well.

Because my 1 GB video card is not the most robust in the world, I toned draw distance back to 1500 m and trees to normal detail with shadows on minimal setting. I may eventually have to splurge for a graphics card and power supply up to speed with TANE. Near the ends of the line in the traditional portal areas there are what look like train yards with text printed on the ground and plain green background without natural texture. End of Simulation Store Tracks it says in these areas of the route map.

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