Jon's Commentary: Some content cracks me up.

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Is is very interesting to sit in front of the CM and browse through the whole sea of assets and note the author's handle and the asset's name. Some of it even seems humorous...

Here are a few examples of content names:

-John Deere Traktor (spelled with a K)
-Semi-Truck w Refridgerated Trailer (note the D in "refrigerated", would be easier to spell REEFER)
-Soil Cracked 1 (what the devil does CRACKED mean?)
-Soil Cracked 2
- Stacja transformatorowa 1 (English, please)
-Person Cowboy on Horse1 (a cowboy is a person?, I thought he was a Bigfoot creature)

Some colorful author handles:

-psycho-aussie (must be the hot weather down under)
-coffee-4-ever (must be constantly wired from caffeine creating content morning, noon, evening and night)
-Auran (must have been an in-house made piece of content)
-the cowboy (creator of the aforementioned Person Cowboy on Horse1)
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