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Updated August 19th, 2020 at 09:14 AM by ish6

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  1. ish6's Avatar
    Good Afternoon Trainzers!

    These are the type of layout that I have currently working on and off:

    Inter-Urban Metro line
    Subway Adventures (working title for now)
    The Flight Institute
    Desert Interactive Routes
    Heinz International Airport Module
    Tram World

    Updated July 5th, 2015 at 12:21 PM by ish6
  2. manweb's Avatar
    Hello Ishie.

    Good news for a very good blog.

    Subscription done and waiting for news, mine too.


  3. ish6's Avatar
    Hello Everyone,

    Before I rocketed off to Marsz, I had lots on my plate, and this is one layout: Tram World!

    Tram World is small islands that connect via bridges to the main island (City) -- The surrounding islands are occupy by resident buildings, power plants, airport, etc -- This layout was done many years ago, and just sat in my files! I will be updating as necessary -- As you can see we need people in these empty streets! 95% of the buildings are mind, and all of the skyscrapers are mind! -- Video is about 6 mins long!


  4. Logman's Avatar
    Hello Ish

    Enjoyed the video showcasing your content and the layout. The tram and roadwork brings back fond memories of Modula City.

  5. ish6's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Logman
    Hello Ish

    Enjoyed the video showcasing your content and the layout. The tram and roadwork brings back fond memories of Modula City.

    Good Evening Steve --

    Thank you, sir for the kind words --

    Yep, it's base on Cab Module city theme, etc ... I've always like traction a lot, and I wanted to do a Tram layout, using islands as the concept -- At least now I won't get bored and burned out on Marsz all of the time, so I divide my time now doing different layouts and creations each day!

    Take Care, sir

  6. ish6's Avatar
    Good Morning Everyone --

    My huge airport kit slowly landing at the DLS -- over 30 new items -- Runways, markers, and the track! (see screenshot above / Post #3844)

    Here's the list of items currently ready right now:
    AirportX 11 (Runway) <KUID:58223:30329> thru AirportX 28 (Runway) <KUID:58223:30346>
    AirportX 29 (Blast Pad) <KUID:58223:30347> And AirportX 109 (Runway) <KUID:58223:30782> thru AirportX 113 (Runway) <KUID:58223:30786>

    Not available yet, but approved yesterday are these: (Look for them later today)
    AirportX 43 (TRACK) <KUID:58223:30362>
    AirportX 51 (Markings) <KUID:58223:30370>
    AirportX 52 (Markings) <KUID:58223:30371>
    AirportX 53 (Markings) <KUID:58223:30372>
    AirportX 54 (Markings) <KUID:58223:30373>
    AirportX Ground TX 00 <KUID:58223:30746>
    AirportX 100 (Road-Spline) <KUID:58223:30773>
    AirportX 101 (Road-Spline) <KUID:58223:30774>
    AirportX Ground TX 01 <KUID:58223:30775>
    AirportX 114 (Auran Terminal Expansion) <KUID:58223:30787> <<<< this item will match the airport, screenshot above, to expand on that airport!

    Note -- I might have to update the road spline -- they support to connect, but they refuse to, so will look into that later! I realized it after I upload, go figure! --

    Will send another package in day or too!

    Also, side note, if you love planes check out this video that I found on you tube -- Now, there's hundreds of these type of videos, but this is the best I have ever seem!!! (Did you know that at the gate there's a traffic light, look for it at the end of the video when the plane stops just before the gate) ... Video is 15mins, but take your time watching it -- It's super awesome! -- I had to show you guys!!!

    Pilot's View of Airbus A380 approach and landing at San Francisco

    Have a great day all!
  7. butler57's Avatar
    Love your Province Airport A pic Ishie - you amaze me still.
  8. ish6's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by butler57
    Love your Province Airport A pic Ishie - you amaze me still.
    Hello Butler, my dear friend ... thanks for the kind words, sir!!!

    Are you back? Drop me an email when you can! LOL

  9. ish6's Avatar
    Hello Everyone --

    The rollout continues, and up at the DLS are those listed below -- I waited for 48hrs because I send more stuff but those items are struck in DLS limbo, so when those items land I will update the thread!

    Also, screenshotz of items send or still to be send to the DLS ---
    And slowly, I've started making items to match Vulcan's airport items so you can expand as much as your imagination allows you! !

    At the DLS:

    AirportX 55 (Runway-Spline) <KUID:58223:30728> thro Airportx 66 &

    AirportX 67 (Taxiway-Spline) <KUID:58223:30740> thru AirportX 72 (Taxiway-LY-Spline) <KUID:58223:30745>

    AirportX 73 (TRK-Taxiway-LY-Spline) <KUID:58223:30747> thru AirportX 78 (TRK-Taxiway-Spline) <KUID:58223:30752>

    AirportX 80 (Runway-Horizontal-MKR) <KUID:58223:30754>

    --Note -- the AA signs and blocks are designed to be place against the hangers, etc ... but of course, this is trainz, so use them as you wish! Signs like these are coming for every airlines!

    Well, enjoy the pieces -- And as always, you're only limited by your own imagination! LOL
    Have fun, and great weekend!

    BTW -- Visit New Aircraft thread!

  10. ish6's Avatar
    Hello Everyone --

    During the weekend I halt all operations -- Weekend is family, waterparks... etc ... Anyhow, back to airport stuff!

    Thus far there's 88 items (T12) at the DLS ...

    These below have been there since Friday - Saturday!

    AirportX 44 (Plane Parking) <KUID:58223:30363> thru AirportX 50 (Plane Parking) <KUID:58223:30369>

    AirportX 137 (Plane-PKG-Markers) <KUID:58223:30810>
    AirportX 138 (Plane-PKG-Markers) <KUID:58223:30811>
    AirportX 139 (Plane-PKG-Markers) <KUID:58223:30827>

    AirportX 35 (Hanger) <KUID:58223:30354> thru AirportX 42 (Hanger) <KUID:58223:30361>

    AirportX 154 (Hanger) <KUID:58223:30828>
    AirportX 155 (Hanger) <KUID:58223:30829>
    AirportX 156 (SIGN:American Airlines) <KUID:58223:30830>
    AirportX 157 (BLOCK:American Airlines) <KUID:58223:30831>
    AirportX 158 (Auran Terminal Expansion) <KUID:58223:30832>
    AirportX 159 (Auran Terminal Expansion) <KUID:58223:30833>
    AirportX 160 (Auran Terminal Expansion) <KUID:58223:30834>

    If there's any issues please PM me, ok

    Also, getting there with Province Airport! -- about 80% done ...

    Have fun -- Enjoy -- Be safe!!!

  11. ish6's Avatar
    Good Afternoon Everyone --

    39 new airport items!

    AirportX 79 (Grass-Slab) <KUID:58223:30753>
    AirportX 81 (Side-Slab Caution) <KUID:58223:30755>
    AirportX 82 (Side-Slab Caution) <KUID:58223:30756>
    AirportX 83 (Side-Slab Caution) <KUID:58223:30757>

    AirportX 126 (Gate-Accessories) <KUID:58223:30799> thru AirportX 150 (Plane-PKG-Markers) <KUID:58223:30822>

    AirportX 161 (SIGNelta Airlines) <KUID:58223:30835> thru AirportX 168 (BLOCK:Air France Airlines) <KUID:58223:30842>

    AirportX 169 (Auran Terminal Expansion) <KUID:58223:30843> -- a re-size by request!

    AirportX 170 (Gate-Accessories) <KUID:58223:30844> thru AirportX 174 (Gate-Accessories) <KUID:58223:30848>

    Note -- These gates are static and snaps on -- Easier and faster to place, and move on -- I will be adding spline versions at a later time!

    Let me if there's any issues by PM!

    Lastly, working on a air traffic tower, and me think you guys gonna really like what you can do with it!

    Enjoy and hope you find them useful!
  12. ish6's Avatar
    Hello Everyone --

    I just send 11 items, and these are considered: "Kit" ...

    You can mix-match, stacked them, etc and create whatever kind of airport you desire! See screenshot #2 -- These items will snap-to-board for easy placement!

    If you need signs I've made huge re-name billboard signs which can be use to be place against these items, ex " N3V NATIONAL AIRPORT" ... then download my rename:Sign Long Renameable Sign" under version 2.7 -- I have like 30 etc, from medium to short sign sizes!

    These items will be: Airportx 00-11, and will be at the DLS in the next 48hrs! -- Weekends are family, etc parks, museum but I'll check forum, and leave a brief note when they land on the DLS for download!

    Have a safe weekend all!

  13. ish6's Avatar
    Good Evening Everyone --

    A long time ago I made some roads / streets, but it's all the same -- I've updated them for 3.7! The blurriness is gone, plus I have deleted the snap-on-board on the intersection which now makes it easy to place to the edge of the roads! The spline version now bends smoothly, and the blurriness is also gone! -- Also, those airport items have landed at the DLS!

    Enjoy, and have a great day / night!

    AirportX 00 (Terminal-Ex) <KUID:58223:30317>
    AirportX 01 (Terminal-Ex) <KUID:58223:30318>
    AirportX 02 (Terminal-Ex) <KUID:58223:30320>
    AirportX 03 (Terminal-Ex) <KUID:58223:30321>
    AirportX 04 (Terminal-Ex Gateway) <KUID:58223:30322>
    AirportX 05 (Terminal-Ex) <KUID:58223:30323>
    AirportX 06 (Terminal-Ex) <KUID:58223:30324>
    AirportX 07 (Terminal-Ex) <KUID:58223:30325>
    AirportX 08 (Terminal-Ex) <KUID:58223:30326>
    AirportX 09 (Terminal-Ex) <KUID:58223:30327>

    I-Road / Street Double Line 200m <KUID2:58223:27478:1>
    I-Road / Street Double Line INTS A <KUID2:58223:27479:1>
    I-Road Street Double Line Spline <KUID2:58223:27482:1>
    I-Road / Street Double Line 150m <KUID2:58223:27483:1>
    I-Road / Street Double Line 100m <KUID2:58223:27484:1>
    I-Road / Street Double Line 50m <KUID2:58223:27485:1>
    I-Road / Street Double Line 25m <KUID2:58223:27486:1>
    I-Road / Street Double Line INTS B <KUID2:58223:27487:1>
    I-Road / Street Double Line INTS C <KUID2:58223:27488:1>
    I-Road / Street Double Line INTS D <KUID2:58223:27490:1>
    I-Road / Street Double Line INTS E <KUID2:58223:27491:1>
    I-Road / Street Double Line INTS F <KUID2:58223:27492:1>
    I-Road / Street Double Line 250m <KUID2:58223:27493:1>
    I-Road / Street Double Line 300m <KUID2:58223:27494:1>
    I-Road / Street DL C-INTS 100m <KUID2:58223:27495:1>
    I-Road / Street DL C-INTS 50m <KUID2:58223:27496:1>
    I-Road / Street Double Line INTS G <KUID2:58223:27497:1>
    I-Road / Street DL C-INTS 150m <KUID2:58223:27498:1>
    I-Road / Street DL C-INTS 200m <KUID2:58223:27499:1>
    I-Road / Street DL C-INTS 250m <KUID2:58223:27500:1>
    I-Road / Street DL C-INTS 300m <KUID2:58223:27501:1>
    I-Road / Street Double Line Bridge D <KUID2:58223:27502:1>
    I-Road / Street Double Line Bridge A <KUID2:58223:27505:1>
    I-Road / Street Double Line Bridge B <KUID2:58223:27512:1>
    I-Road / Street Double Line Bridge C <KUID2:58223:27514:1>
  14. ish6's Avatar
    Good Afternoon Everyone --

    Well, uploaded 39 new items -- a couple that I missed to upload with the runways and terminals, etc ... the rest are what I call cosmetic items ... like signs, tarmac signs, strips, etc ... Also, I included a texture that will blend nicely with Ian's content -- see screenshots!

    Lastly, Province B: Airport -- National version -- Consider screenshots as Beta -- More need to be done to the layout, obviously! LOL

    Here's the list of the new items at the DLS:
    Plus some old FedEx warehouses -- I updated it a bit, but not much I can do since I can't find the source file for them!

    AirportX 10 (Runway) <KUID:58223:30328>
    AirportX 17 (Structure) <KUID:58223:30335>
    AirportX 18 (Structure) <KUID:58223:30336>
    AirportX 30 (Runway Markings) <KUID:58223:30348>
    AirportX 31 (Runway Markings) <KUID:58223:30349>
    AirportX 32 (Runway Markings) <KUID:58223:30350>
    AirportX 33 (Runway Markings) <KUID:58223:30352>
    AirportX 34 (Runway Markings) <KUID:58223:30353>
    AirportX 175 (Hanger) <KUID:58223:30849>
    AirportX 176 (Hanger) <KUID:58223:30850>
    AirportX 177 (Hanger) <KUID:58223:30851>
    AirportX 178 (Hanger) <KUID:58223:30852>
    AirportX 179 (Hanger) <KUID:58223:30853>
    AirportX 180 (Hanger) <KUID:58223:30854>
    AirportX 181 (Tarmac Gate Sign RN) <KUID:58223:30855>
    AirportX Ground TX 02 (Match Vulcan Taxiway) <KUID:58223:30856>
    AirportX 182 (Tarmac Gate Sign RN) <KUID:58223:30857>
    AirportX 183 (Tarmac Gate Sign RN Upside) <KUID:58223:30858>
    AirportX 184 (Terminal Gate Sign RN) <KUID:58223:30859>
    AirportX 185 (SIGN:FedEx Airlines) <KUID:58223:30864>
    AirportX 186 (BLOCK:FedEx Airlines) <KUID:58223:30865>
    AirportX 187 (SIGN:Japan Airlines) <KUID:58223:30866>
    AirportX 188 (BLOCK:Japan Airlines) <KUID:58223:30867>
    AirportX 189 (SIGN:SriLankan Airlines) <KUID:58223:30868>
    AirportX 190 (BLOCK:SriLankan Airlines) <KUID:58223:30869>
    AirportX 191 (SIGN:Spirit Airlines) <KUID:58223:30870>
    AirportX 192 (BLOCK:Spirit Airlines) <KUID:58223:30871>
    AirportX 193 (SIGN:Balair Airlines) <KUID:58223:30872>
    AirportX 194 (BLOCK:Balair Airlines) <KUID:58223:30873>
    AirportX 195 (Hanger) <KUID:58223:30874>
    AirportX 196 (Hanger) <KUID:58223:30875>
    AirportX 197 (Hanger) <KUID:58223:30876>
    AirportX 198 (Hanger) <KUID:58223:30877>
    AirportX 199 (Hanger) <KUID:58223:30878>
    AirportX 200 (Hanger) <KUID:58223:30879>
    AirportX 201 (Hanger) <KUID:58223:30880>
    AirportX 202 (Hanger) <KUID:58223:30881>
    AirportX 203 (Hanger) <KUID:58223:30882>
    AirportX 204 (Hanger) <KUID:58223:30883>

    I-FedEx Warehouse 03 <KUID2:58223:28199:1>
    I-FedEx Warehouse 02 <KUID2:58223:28200:1>
    I-FedEx Warehouse 01 <KUID2:58223:28201:1>
    I-FedEx Warehouse 00 <KUID2:58223:28202:1>
    I-FedEx Warehouse 04 (Airportx) <KUID:58223:30860>
    I-FedEx Warehouse 05 (Airportx) <KUID:58223:30861>
    I-FedEx Warehouse 06 <KUID:58223:30862>
    I-FedEx Warehouse 07 <KUID:58223:30863>

    Have a nice day


  15. ish6's Avatar
    Hello Everyone --

    I've been quite, but still creating stuff!

    I've reskinned some items, as you may see on the pictures!
    I will be upload 30+ items in the next 24-48 hrs --
    Will include drivable vehicles!

    Enjoy screenshotz --

  16. ish6's Avatar
    Good Afternoon Everyone --

    New airportx items have landed at the DLS:

    There's now 207 items, and yet there's more, a lot more to come as time permits, of course!


    AirportX 85 (TK-Marker-HZ-LINES) <KUID:58223:30759>
    AirportX 84 (TK-Marker) <KUID:58223:30758>
    AirportX 86 (TK-Marker-HZ-LINES) <KUID:58223:30760>
    AirportX 87 (TK-Marker-HZ-LINES) <KUID:58223:30761>
    AirportX 88 (TK-Marker-Plate) <KUID:58223:30762>
    AirportX 89 (TK-Marker-Plate) <KUID:58223:30763>
    AirportX 90 (TK-Marker-Plate) <KUID:58223:30764>
    AirportX 92 (TK-Marker-Plate-RN) <KUID:58223:30765>
    AirportX 93 (TK-Marker-Arrow-GD) <KUID:58223:30766>
    AirportX 94 (TK-Marker-Arrow-GD-RN) <KUID:58223:30767>
    AirportX 95 (TK-Marker-Arrow-GD) <KUID:58223:30768>
    AirportX 96 (TK-Marker-Arrow-GD-RN) <KUID:58223:30769>
    AirportX 115 (Plane-PKG-Markers) <KUID:58223:30788>
    AirportX 116 (Plane-PKG-Markers) <KUID:58223:30789>
    AirportX 117 (Plane-PKG-Markers) <KUID:58223:30790>
    AirportX 118 (Plane-PKG-Markers) <KUID:58223:30791>
    AirportX 119 (Plane-PKG-Markers) <KUID:58223:30792>
    AirportX 120 (Plane-PKG-Markers) <KUID:58223:30793>
    AirportX 121 (Plane-PKG-Markers) <KUID:58223:30794>
    AirportX 122 (Plane-PKG-Markers) <KUID:58223:30795>
    AirportX 123 (Plane-PKG-Markers) <KUID:58223:30796>
    AirportX 124 (Plane-PKG-Markers) <KUID:58223:30797>
    AirportX 125 (Plane-PKG-Markers) <KUID:58223:30798>
    AirportX 230 (Runway-Horizontal-MKR) <KUID:58223:30900>
    I-Pavement Re-Name 00 <KUID:58223:30902>
    Airportx 233 (Airport Fire Truck) <KUID:58223:30905>
    Airportx 234 (Airport Fire Truck) <KUID:58223:30906>
    Airportx 235 (Airport Fire Truck) <KUID:58223:30907>
    AirportX 231 (Airport Charter Bus) <KUID:58223:30908>
    AirportX 232 (Drivable Airport Charter Bus) <KUID:58223:30909>
  17. cvkiwi's Avatar
    All looking good Ish well done I am going to try and build a airport useing all your new toys
    Chris (SULLYWA)
  18. ish6's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by cvkiwi
    All looking good Ish well done I am going to try and build a airport useing all your new toysChris (SULLYWA)
    Hello Chris, Glad you like the airport items, and if you do create an airport share it with us at the New Aircraft thread, sir!Have Fun --- More stuff coming this week for airports!Ish
  19. ish6's Avatar
    Good Afternoon Earthlings --

    More Airport pieces --

    Airportx 237 (Walkway) <KUID:58223:30926>
    Airportx 238 (Walkway) <KUID:58223:30927>
    Airportx 239 (Walkway) <KUID:58223:30928>
    Airportx 240 (Walkway) <KUID:58223:30929>
    Airportx 241 (Police Car) <KUID:58223:30925>
    AirportX 242 (Drivable Airport Police Car) <KUID:58223:30930>
    AirportX 243 (Drivable Airport Fire Truck) <KUID:58223:30931>
    AirportX 244 (Drivable Airport Fire Truck) <KUID:58223:30932>
    AirportX 245 (Drivable Airport Catering Truck) <KUID:58223:30933>
    Airportx 247 (Airport Metropolitan Bus Service) <KUID:58223:30934>
    AirportX 248 (Airport Metropolitan Bus Service) <KUID:58223:30935>
    AirportX 249 (Airport Fire Truck) <KUID:58223:30937>
    AirportX 250 (Airport Baggage Car) <KUID:58223:30938>
    AirportX 251 (Airport Baggage Truck) <KUID:58223:30939>
    AirportX 252 (Drivable Antonov An-225 Mriya) <KUID:58223:30940>
    AirportX 246 (Drivable Airport Fire Truck) <KUID:58223:30942>

    Additiona pieces for those airport parking spaces!

    I-Parking Lot 00 (Lines Only) <KUID:58223:30911>
    I-Parking Lot 01 (Lines Only) <KUID:58223:30912>
    I-Parking Lot 02 (Lines Only) <KUID:58223:30913>
    I-Parking Lot 03 (Lines Only) <KUID:58223:30914>
    I-Parking Lot 04 (Lines Only) <KUID:58223:30915>

    Also, upon my request -- FROM Pascal

    ATR42-300 Fedex Startup,<kuid2:74222:12274:2>

    Enjoy all the new stuff --
    Have a good day!

  20. ish6's Avatar
    Good Afternoon Everyone --

    Hope that when you read this BLOG that things are fine in your life! --
    And may these items bring you more creativity to your life!

    More Airport pieces --- First, items that will match-up with Ian's (Vulcan) airport module items! And a couple of France Airport items!

    To see more Screen shots stop by NEW AIRCRAFT THREAD

    Enjoy, have fun!

    Updated March 1st, 2017 at 08:45 PM by ish6
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