Finding parts for my "Mega Bloks" train tender.

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Okay folks, I need help. I need parts to make a tender for my "Mega Bloks" 9778 Steam Express. If anyone has the parts to or a complete set of the "Mega Bloks" Probuilder Master Series 9778 Steam Express. Talk here.


  1. PerRock's Avatar
    This would probably be better off posted on the forums, rather then the blogs. But ever better off posted on a Lego or MegaBloks forum rather than a Trainz forum.

    That all being said if you're missing parts from an actual kit, try contacting the company. Most model-building companies have some sort of replacement parts department.

  2. EnginneerJoe's Avatar
    I'm not missing parts. I built the engine, the kits only an engine. I want another one or two kits so I can build the engine a tender. I've already checked the "Mega Bloks" website for spare kits and parts. They stopped making the kit six or seven years ago. They don't have any more spare parts or kits.
  3. PerRock's Avatar
    Amazon has one. I'd check Ebay & Craigslist as well.
  4. EnginneerJoe's Avatar
    Cheapest one is $100.
  5. EnginneerJoe's Avatar
    I don't have that kind of money.
  6. EnginneerJoe's Avatar
    Anyone gonna help me out here?
  7. preston725's Avatar
    Will You People Please Help Him!?