Electro Island 2.0. broken on builds higher than Trainz 12 SP1.

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Currently I can confirm that the route is broken on build 61388 but probably on all builds higher than Trainz 12 SP1.

If you plan on downloading my route you can better wait till I come with a fix. I will bring a new version 2.1 out during next week for Electro Island users that use a higher build than Trainz 12 sp1.

I just went to a 13+ hour long session to reinstall Trainz 12 and patch it up to the highest build (while also keeping a pre SP 1 build with all content as backup) to be able to confirm that the Tunnel Beton 2TE has issues in build 61388 but probably in all post SP1 builds. However it is easy to fix. I will soon repair all tunnel entrances. Replacement with the Hirochi tunnels is for the future.

Forum member Roy3b3 reported this and I can confirm this today.

Electro Island v 2.1 (due to come in the coming weeks) will be a fix only release to ensure that post SP1 users will be able to use the route. No new content will be added.

I'm sorry that I could not see this problem earlier.

If you have a pre SP1 build then there is no problem. You can download version 2.0 and it will work fine. The few dependencies that are missing are non critical

I tested these pre SP1 builds:

Build 48249: Works fine no tunnel problems no building problems
Build 49922. Works fine no tunnel problems no building problems
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