The map of Electro Island v 2.0. and its 3 largest cities on the Island

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In this blog I show you the main map and tell you something about the 3 most important cities on Electro Island.

Throughout history 4 main nationality groups have settled on Electro Island. The English, German and French live in the cities of Northtropp and Colden while the interior of the Island is mainly Japanese with the main city of Toshin. The reason why I explain in a future blog. Because of this Electro Island has a rich mixture of different rail systems. The TGV line circles the Island while the Colden Shinkansen connects Northrtopp with Colden via Toshin and then on to the mainland Japanese city of Shin Hanyo. A new connection called the Colden Landbridge was specially built to cross the 15 kilometers wide Icarus Channel.

The main map with the 3 largest cities:


The city of Colden lies in the South. It has a mixture of English, French and Japanese people. Colden has 2 large stations. Colden Central and Colden Shinkansen. Population of Colden is about 550.000 in the city and 800.000 in the region. Colden has a mixture of harbor, service and education industry as well as a large tourist market.

More details about this city in a future blog dedicated to Colden.

On the below picture you see Colden Harbour City with the European city center in the background.

In the middle of the Island lies the city of Toshin. This Japanese city is the most densely populated city on the island. It has about the same amount of people as Colden despite being just a little bit smaller (600.000 in the city and 850.000) in the valley.

Toshin Terminal is the largest railwaystation in this city. There are also 3 other large stations namely: Toshin West, Toshin Mitsu and Toshin East. Railway in the Toshin prefecture are Europan as well as Japanese Narrow gauge at 1036 mm. The Colden Shinkansen Runs through the hart of the city. Toshin has a large electronics industry. Computers and mobile communication components made in Toshin are shipped throughout the region mainly via the small container port of Novaville but also through the 2 other harbors on the Island.

More details about this city in a future blog dedicated to Toshin.

The below picture shows Toshin West station with the Island Central Line (ICL) on the left and the Toshin Loop Line on the right.


Northtropp is the the most mixed city in terms of nationalities and areas. German, English, American, Japanese and French people are the main groups that live here. It is also the oldest city on the island. This city has about 1 million inhabitants in the region. It has a rich history and is home to 2 large castles in the center of the old city.

4 large railway stations exist in Northtropp. Northtropp Central (Skytown), Northtropp Old Central/Shinkansen, Northtropp Gare du Sud, and Northtropp Olympia.

Northtropp has the largest tourist industry of all cities in the country. It is also the only city with an International Airport. Norhtropp International is therefore the main airport on Electro Island.

More details about this city in a future blog dedicated to Norhtropp.

The below picture shows the Northtropp Skytown business district with Northtropp Central. (TGV, mainline and local traffic)

Thats it for today.