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Electro Island 2.0. and up


I have decided to start a blog about my layout that I'm building since 2011. I was posting about this in the Japan screenshots thread but Electro Island v.2.0. is so much more than those Japanese lines. Although they play a very large role.

This blog will serve as a progress diary, screenshot and instruction section. I have chosen for a blog instead of a screenshots thread so that I can work in my own tempo with posting the information and do not have to keep a screenshot thread in the air in times of less activity. Also I have much to tell about this layout so too much text would disturb the nice flow of a screenshots thread. But I promise to illustrate my stories.

So Electro Island went up at the download station on the 8th of march and was available on 9 march 2015.

First I republish the intro post so that you can see the promo pic, the feature list and the related Items with KUIDS. So after reading that info you see the general features of this route.

--------Repost----from post #1744 out of the Japan Screenshots thread ----

Electro Island Items:

I uploaded the map and 4 sessions to start with.

- Now including my supersession with about 40 ai trains and 7/8 portals active. However a warning that this session does not work right out of the box I will have to write instructions for the complete ai session because it uses many kemei trains with the wrong sound. I will provide instructions on how to replace the sound of the trains with the new JR E321 Engine Sound (TS12 Optimized) for each and every train in the soon to be opened Electro Island v2.0. screenshots and instructions thread. Otherwise you hear the horrible screeching sound of the the old jrE321 Engine sounds that where not optimized for TS12.

- For enjoying only Shinkansen /Japanese (ng +shinkansen network active) and TGV I have provided separate sessions.

- As you can see I uploaded station announcements for the 4 largest Shinkansen stations.

Pic (new station To Shin Mitsu on the Yellow and Blue Lines of Toshin valley)

Here's the 'official feature list of Electro Island v 2.0.:

Routes on the Island that are now functional:

Normal Gauge:

- TGV cricle line. (new track on the East Section= more realistic)
- Colden Shinkansen (lengthened to 64 km)
- Northtropp Circle Line
- Nothtropp Tram line 1
- ICS (Island Central Line) (misses some detail in the mid section but is otherwise complete)
- Colden Skynet (line for the Keisei AE1 Skyliner or similar trains)
- Colden Regionet (Urban net in Colden. not 100% complete but the North East section is in operation)
- Toshin Romancecar line
- Toshin Minami line

New routes and features


- Toshin Blue Line (From Toshin to Hazima Valley) including portals for more traffic and freight depots (decor only) (about 16 km length)
- Toshin Yellow Line (From Toshin to Novaville Harbour including portals for more traffic (about 15 km length)
- DCL (Dalhem Central Line) (From Dalhem through Shin Okonmimi to Crammsfeld North and South)

- Colden Shinkansen (lengthened to 64 km with the new Colden Landbridge and Shin Hanyo section
- New track for east section of the TGV-network
- Station announcements on Colden Shinkansen, Shin Hanyo Station, Toshin Terminal and Northtopp Shinkansen St.
- Extensive sea routes for sailing around the island in a drivable boat

Routes now drivable but not finished (for version 3 in the future)

- WFL (West Fast Line) From Northtropp Old Cental and Northtropp Gare du Sud to Maarburg HBF
- Emrald to Novaville Ste

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