LBSCR South London Overhead Emu Motor Brakes

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Hi all well after a major struggle that has been ongoing for two weeks Jay and I have now managed to get the South London units working in TRS2004-TRS2006.
After much head banging against the wall and hair pulling out I have today just uploaded the units to TPR.
So what did go wrong well originally there were three units but no matter what I tried I could not get the none drive unit to show up or work .
I ended up cloning the one motor brake that was working and removed the driver and gave it different kuid numbers.
The next problem was the lights not working I had to use built 2.4 coronas to get them to show up and then they did not change direction if you drove the opposite way so jay had to fix that.
The next big problem was that the Pantos would not show up this caused a lot of work as they had to be redone but finaly Jay managed to solve the problem
The conversion of these was by no means easy and caused a lot of problems by they are now ready to download .
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  1. peterob's Avatar
    The very problems I'm having with them. Lots of missing dependencies. By the way all the 2-BIL, $-LAV,4-COR etc all working well. Peterob.