I think we should add more things (locos, buildings, etc) to Trainz Simulator.

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I think we should add like the old E2 classes, RMS Britannic, Furness Railway Locos, etc. If you have anything new you are making, please post them here and either add a link to DLS, or your own site.
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  1. oknotsen's Avatar
    If that is your strong opinion, than I suggest you start building them ASAP !

    Here you go:

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  2. Jonas05's Avatar
    I don't actually make good models, Besides, not trying to be rude, but I have Sketchup 2015 already. But I do make reskins
  3. oknotsen's Avatar
    Delete Sketchup, get a real 3D tool like Blender and practice, practice, practice.

    Everyone can learn. It just takes time. More than enough tutorials in and around the forum.
  4. EnginneerJoe's Avatar
    I have a suggestion for a new line. The U.S. Transcontinental Rail Line and Locomotive Works. It would be nice to run the C.P. and U.P. engines that met at Promontory Point, Utah along the route.