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AMTZ: A Rebranding. Part 4: The Social beast

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This is part 4 of my ongoing blog series outlining the rebranding process at AMTZ. You can read part 3 here, part 2 here and part 1 here.

Something I haven't been too 'up on' with Amtrak Trainz is the social media side of things, even when you include these forums as a social media platform. To-date Amtrak Trainz has a Google+ Page, a forum and I occasionally remember to make release announcements in the blogs here on N3V.

The old.
Earlier this year I attempted to start a social platform called "AMTZ Live!" This was going to be a rotating series of events happening fortnightly or maybe monthly, which encouraged others to join in the conversation. The idea is that we would have Skype-ins, Hangouts, youtube tutorials, etc. However I wasn't able to keep the energy up to run these events & promote them well-enough for them to be worthwhile.

As I work to ready the roll-out of American Trainz, I've decided to try once again to step up my social media prowess. We opened our new Facebook Page a few weeks back. You are welcome to like the page now, but I don't plan on doing much with it until Jan. 1 (I'm posting links to these blogs, and that is all). But I do encourage you 'like' us.

If you haven't already, stop by our Google+ Page and Circle us. I am continuing to post things as they happen on our +Page. Adding us on Google+ will allow you to more easily join us for future Live events, as most of these are done thru various Google systems.

The new.
With American Trainz being unveiled soon, I've committed to a few social activities. Last week I started our new Your Daily Interesting Trains (or YDIT, #YDIT), these blogs are another attempt to stay socially active.

Your Daily Interesting Trains (or YDIT for short) is a daily posting I am making on various social media platforms (currently the AMTZ forums & Google+) where I scour the internet and share something interesting about trains, railroads, etc. Sometimes this is news, or just a cool picture, it can even be some tips & tricks. YDIT posting happen every weekday (no weekends or holidays), I try for early afternoon (eastern time). After New Year, look for #YDIT on Google+ and Facebook.

Additionally expect to see regular blog postings here from me about what is happening at AMTZ. I haven't firmed down the details yet on when they'll be posted or how often, but they probably won't be as frequent as the rebranding blog postings.

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