Zeldaboy14 Production Works - 1 Year later.

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Last Year in December, I created Zeldaboy14 Works, and most of my content from that point had my logo on it. My first model, Faceless Lady, was a pretty basic model, and took some time to figure out how to make work. Over the time I worked on Faceless Lady, I came up with ideas for a new division name, and Zeldaboy14 Works became Zeldaboy14 Production Works (or ZPW) as I thought it sounded better. Within February, I decided to to use my original mesh that I had used as a starting basis to build Faceless Lady to build the Odd Engine. Later on, GDennish (AKA TomixNscale89) helped me finish the baked textures idea I had to make my Faceless Lady model better. After finishing V4 Faceless Lady, I decided to take a plunge into the world of Blender, and see if modeling was as easy as most say it is after you learn the basics. My first all blender built loco was Skarloey, and for what it was for a starting All-Blender built asset was pretty basic. Around that time, I took a break from modeling and Trainz to learn more on Blender, and play some Minecraft. After I learned enough about blender, I came back into the modeler scene with some more knowledge, and a understanding on how to use blender efficiently enough. Once done with Mighty Mac, I took a break from modeling once again to study up some more on blender and figure out which loco I'd do next. Once I decided to tackle Billy, many on the SI3D forums were glad to have a loco that no one else has attempted to build. After completing him, I studied up on quite a bit about Blender while Modeling Henry the Green Engine. After shelving Henry, I decided to do Fearless Freddie, and redo my second loco that wasn't in the correct gauge. And that is where it ends for right now. Many thanks goes to the Trainz Forums for helping me when I was learning Blender, and very special thanks goes to Paulhobbs, John Whelen, Dragonharh, CaptainKman, and GDennish (AKA TomixNscale89).
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