The Augsburg & Concord Railroad Still Lives

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After about a week and a half without a computer, I am back able to work on my Augsburg & Concord Railroad Route. The computer did not like having a full glass of ice tea poured over the laptop. End result was putting a new keyboard and touchpad. Unfortunately, the touchpad doesn't work; but since I use an external mouse, I am ok.

I also have figures out how to get TS 12 to work on this machine. So, the route is being continued in TS12. I decided that I wanted some area with street running, so I have started work on the city of Concord. This wasn't intended to be the bigger city, but I do think I have a good start.

There's still detail to be added (Isn't there always?) Any comments and suggestions are welcomed.

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  1. dmmascit's Avatar
    Nice. Look good.