CNJ 1000

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The main mesh is done, I hope. I had problems with the roof mounted radiators, had to make them 3 times to get something that looked good and was not over 100k in polys. Today I found more photos and a big (22pg) article in Trains. Next up is the texture and the normal map.

Edit Note: Found more to do on mesh.

This is now done and on the DLS.

Updated March 3rd, 2012 at 10:45 AM by whitepass (update & typo)

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Trainz Simulator 12


  1. SantaFebuff's Avatar
    Excellent work there whitepass! Would you be interested in considering a C&NW offering next? Definitely a must download. Best of luck!
  2. mick1960's Avatar
    Good looking model you have made here! I would like to see bigger screen shots…