The Augsburg & Concord Railroad - Going back to TS 2010

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The Augsburg & Concord will not be moving to TS 2012 after all. Unfortunately, the program crashes almost ever time I try to make changes to the route. The more I dig into the issue, the more I am convinced that my laptop simply doesnít have enough power to run the program.

The decision is that I will continue to develop the route in TS2010. I also decided that given the trouble the AI trains have with single track, Iím working on making the route double tracked.

I realize that there will be consequences as far as people wanting to download the route. But then, there werenít any people offering to help test the route when I asked earlier. I do see there are those who read this blog, so I will continue to update my progress.

The double tracking of the main line has been accomplished. I've needed to use different bridges, but that's part of the ongoing changes that are occurring.
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  1. oknotsen's Avatar

    I was wondering in what area of the world this route would be, but when searching on Augsburg or Concord I get so many results all over the world that I still have no clue.

    So... Help me out... Where are the cities you use located?

    And sure enough, 2 seconds later I figured out it was a fictional model route. Sorry for that.
  2. jeff1959's Avatar
    The route is fictional but geography is roughly based on Central Illinois along the Illinois River. it's pretty much all flat land with some hills in the background.

    Now that the double track main has been laid, I will post photos in my next installment. Thanks for showing some interest.