Thomas Mstnoodle Problems

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Hey guys. I am unable to fix most of Mstnoodle's models. The error is (Unable to load mesh file) I know captainkman showed a tutorial but it won't do for some odd reason. I'm using Trainz 12 can anyone help me? Please? The only ones that don't have errors are bill Thomas boco and the trucks (except truck 2)
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  1. shaneturner12's Avatar
    It's fairly simple to use that site. On the right hand side of the page, there is a form for entering the KUID number. Simply enter each part in the box as indicated - if there isn't a third part to the KUID, simply enter 0 in the third box, then click the little icon next to it to get your results.

  2. Jonas05's Avatar
    Thanks for the help! I appreciate it.
  3. Jonas05's Avatar
    Thanks goes to you, Shane,
    I am no longer missing that kuid.
    I don't know HOW I could repay you.
  4. ThomasDuck's Avatar
    I Think This Is How You Get The coaches I want (Im new to the form) #473
  5. Jonas05's Avatar

    What are the coaches you need?
  6. Jonas05's Avatar
  7. Jonas05's Avatar
    If anyone wants the 2010 Thomas then here's the link:

  8. Jonas05's Avatar
    After many days, I finally got MSTnoodle's models working (other than Thomas missing his wheels in Driver) It took me the whole past Sunday, and Monday.
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